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Hi, I am Jan 
 and welcome to my music!

Music - although always very important to me – was not one of my mayor activities in the first 60 years of my life. I had been busy doing a lot of other things, like living and studying in different parts of the world: Middle East, USA, South America, Singapore, India, Australia and a lot of European countries, learning to become a doctor, acupuncturist and psychotherapist; getting married (twice) and raising 4 children, living in Venezuela for 27 years, working as a psychotherapist and teaching personal growth and people skills as a professor at an international business school and as a workshop facilitator through my own consultant business, while building a house and a management training center (hotel) on the Caribbean Coast and writing a book. 


Music has always been a companion, though. I was exposed to classical music and learned to play the piano and the flute at an early age. As a young student I had my experiences as a street musician in cities like

San Francisco, Caracas, Rio de Janeiro, Frankfurt, Zurich and Rome. I always listened to a lot of different music, from Mozart, Bach and Beethoven to Pink Floyd, Ravi Shankar, Deuter and Marc Anthony, but I didn´t recognize music as a passion. – Until some years ago. 

In 2012 I studied sound engineering and music production for 2 years. I delved into the fascinating world of digital music, samples and virtual instruments. Since then, I dedicate every free moment to composing and designing music. All of my albums are inspired by my experiences on different spiritual paths, including my meeting with the Master Osho in India, in 1981 and, more recently, the teachings of the Shamans of the Amazon.


I hope you will enjoy listening to my music and that it will give you well-being and peace of mind and heart". - Jan 

For information about my work, please go to:

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